Kendy is an African name that simply means love. Incorporated in the year 2012, Kendy money transfer was the first local remittance company to be licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya. Located in the Capital Nairobi, Kenya, Kendy has a well-established infrastructure that unites the whole of Africa in sending and receiving money at an affordable and secure manner across borders.

Kendy perfectly understands the inconveniences and unnecessary expenses one incurs when sending and receiving money across borders in Africa and the rest of the world. With a platform that is regulated and efficient, Kendy guarantees affordability and convenience. Well, it’s said money cannot buy love, but Kendy understands the sacrifices our loved ones make to be far away in search of ways to better our lives, and in the process, the money they send brings happiness in so many way: school fees are paid, utility bills are cleared, businesses are funded and the overall economy thrives as a result. That’s why with the state of the art technology it has, Kendy ensures no matter how far you are from the loved ones across Africa, your money, just like your heart is always connected to home. Kendy has a brilliant team of professionals who work around the clock with passion to ensure everything runs smoothly. From the technicians who make sure the systems are up and running efficiently, to the customer service representatives who are always available to attend to your queries, to the agents who make sure you are able to send or receive money and the management team that always strives to take the organization in the direction that will always ensure you are satisfied as a customer, the core of Kendy money transfer.